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Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Doyle Engineering is a full-service electrical   engineering firm offering expert witness services. Our professional engineers specialize in working in the electronics field, cell phone industry, and analog integrated circuit design, and our owner is a senior expert designer for telecom products (Academic Link). We work for many nationwide companies, offering our expertise in this field and services at competitive rates within the industry.
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Only 10 individuals in the United States have the knowledge and capabilities that we have and we are proud to have completed the largest running control chip used in cell phones. The professionals at Doyle Engineering have been in the electrical engineering field since 1976 and our owner is a integrated circuit designer. He was also a professor of electrical engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and worked designing chips for integrated circuits. He has been involved with leaders of the industry, including Honeywell®, Intel®, and Motorola®, and he carries liability insurance for your protection.

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Region 6 EE Engineer of the Year • 2004 Runner Up Innovator of Year for EE Times

Florida Engineering Society • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Standards Committees 802.3 (Ethernet) 802.11 (RF), 802.16 (RF)